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We send Translation Consultants to any Country where they are needed, Professors to Teach at Bible Colleges, Individuals to work in Orphanages, or to meet select needs, we are mostly involved in planting Bible Colleges in locations where there is greatest need. We are also developing a DISCIPLESHIP PROGRAM for Churches. Where Pastors and Leaders say, “We don’t know how to Pastor,” “We don’t know how to Disciple,” “We thought we knew, now we know we don’t.” The DISCIPLESHIP PROGRAM is directed to creating a Biblical Context in a Church can begin to function. This is coming soon!

Besides our free Online Bible College Curriculum project in association with Charnock Institute of the Bible, ( we are currently planting Learning Centers and Bible Colleges on the Mission Field.


We have requests to plant Bible Colleges in many countries. The Center(s) for Biblical Studies are currently in, or are prepared for, the following locations. We have a waiting list for other locations and students waiting to get into classes.  These do not include ministries with orphanages or our own Missionaries.


Kenya1. Biblical Studies Center Operating the one year KNOWING GOD PROGRAM.

Kenya2. Second Bible College has been established.

Kenya – 3. Oasis Bible Seminary – Materials have been developed and shipped for 3 resource centers. The ministry there will serve two locations in Kenya, and one in Uganda. We are assisting this College in providing materials.

India – Materials have been developed and delivered in English, Hindi and Napali. We have also sent a missionary to work in an orphanage there.

Jamaica -Materials are in place. Please pray for them.

Mexico – We placed a Bible College in a prison and have requests to plant other Bible College in remote locations. This ministry has surpassed our greatest expectations.

Myanmar (Burma)

1. We have a request to go to Myanmar to plant a Bible College and assist some 30 to 35 Pastors who are in need of training.  The actual cost for a team to travel there and sponsor the seminar would be about the same cost to plant a Bible College there; which would sustain their needs for a lifetime to come.

2. We are providing Translation Consultants to work in this area. We are also assisting in translation of key books into Burmese.

Nepali – Materials have been developed in Nepali and are on the ground.

Nigeria – The Biblical Studies Center has materials for operating a three year program.  They have requested that we enlarge the Bible College because of the substantial waiting list of students wishing to enter the program.  Requests for planting other Learning Centers in other locations in the country are also being planed.

Tanzania – Materials have been provided to operate a Biblical Studies Center for one year.

Uganda – See Kenya where the Learning Center serves Kenya and Uganda.

Unites States (Alaska) – We have met with Missionaries working in Alaska with the Indians. A curriculum specifically for the Indians living in remote locations will be developed when they are ready. There is a great need which we would like to help with.

United States (Florida) – We have sent several persons to Florida to work with Wycliffe Associates in completing their Translators Handbook.

and others . . .

We have requests to plant these Biblical Learning Centers all over Africa, India, Nepal and the United Arab Emirates. Join us in planting these Biblical Learning Centers and doing away with the constant need for Missionaries and Monies. See our “CIB Online Bible College” ( which will offer free High Quality Bible College education to anyone in the world with internet access. The same courses used at Charnock Institute of the Bible will be offered at this online virtual campus.

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