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Do you want to join us in our efforts? No one is training Leaders on the mission field as economically as White Stone Missions. No constant flow of money is needed. Given the materials God’s people are ready for the task for which He has equipped them.


It costs approximately (postage varies):


$120.00 to develop and ship a single course to a Biblical Learning Center (including other resource texts). This course will serve many students for years to come. All materials are reused again and again.


$1,200.00 to create a student’s complete and reusable curriculum for a year of study (including textbooks, workbooks, manuals, and the shipping of these items). These materials will be reused for years to come.


Each additional year that the materials are reused means that it costs $0.00 in materials to educate the next student. Upon completion, the curriculum remains at the center to be used by new, incoming students, while other students move on to the next level’s materials. A one-time donation will help pay for multiple generations of students to learn about God and master His Word.


Once a Learning Center reaches its full functioning capacity, NO MORE RESOURCES ARE NEEDED! Only replacement materials as older materials wear out. So resources can then be used where they are needed in other locations.


Thank you for your prayerful support. Please click on the “Donate” button below, or contact us.


May God bless you!


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