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Planting Learning Centers or Bible Colleges – Please do not call about beginning a Biblical Studies Center; rather use the email link and provide us with the following information:

1. Tell us about who you are.

2. Tell us which location you are desiring for us to work with you in.

3. Tell us about the ministry there and its leaders.

4. Tell us about your relationship with this location.

You can Plant a Biblical Studies Center or a Bible College – Please let us know if you desire to sponsor a Bible College or the materials needed.

1. Where would you like to sponsor this Biblical Studies Center?

2. How many students did you plan on providing materials for? (materials are always reusable for multiple years)

Become a Missionary with White Stone Missions – Please let us know if you desire to join White Stone Missions on a mission field. Please provide a brief Biography of yourself and the qualifications which you have to be considered.

1. As a Biblical Studies Center or Bible College Planter.

2. As an orphanage missionary.

3. As a Church Planter.

4. Linguist or Other. (Please explain)

White Stone Missions

427 14th Ave. N
Payette, ID 83661

Phone:  208.642.4632


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