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Centers for Biblical Studies

The Center(s) for Biblical Studies, is a quality Bible Learning Center which we plant on a mission field. We cover all the expenses for materials and the local Church and its leadership are responsible to operate it at their own expense.  These Biblical Education Centers are owned and operated by the Ministry leaders themselves.

Basic Overview

Planting Biblical Studies Centers anywhere in the world is very possible with today’s technology. Charnock Institute of the Bible and White Stone Missions have partnered to place Biblical Studies Centers in Nigeria, Mexico, Kenya, Uganda, and other locations. The curriculum reflects that which is used at Charnock Institute of the Bible. It is fully self-contained, meaning that once the curriculum arrives, the location has ownership over it and all the materials needed to make a real Bible College a reality. We have students standing by awaiting the arrival of these items to begin their education. This is a dream-come-true for us!


How does it work?

The college uses the existing ministry buildings as its facilities. A ministry must designate a Director and/or Proctor. The pastor, missionary, or their appointee(s) simply issue materials and grade the tests. Students are required to participate in ministry 5-10 hours per week, serving alongside Missionaries or Church staff. The student’s Church directly benefits from their education and service.


Many nations and locations do not need more missionaries (as strange as this might sound). They need the capabilities of training up their own Pastors, Missionaries, Bible Teachers and Church Planters. This is where we come in. We provide the materials needed for this training. We do not send money; rather they own and operate the Bible Colleges at their own expense. We do not wish to westernize, patronize, or create welfare ministries. These colleges are owned and operated by those who minister there; not foreigners.  While we are not against actual Missionaries, since we ourselves equip and send out missionaries, we understand that in many locations the Church has been planted and the need is for their own Christian leaders.


What are the costs?

Materials Are Used Again and Again

Once a Center for Biblical Studies is planted, there are no additional costs.  The men who live and minister in the country, will own and operate and be responsible for the College. No pipelines of money are offered, needed, or wanted.  We ask that they look directly to God to provide their financial needs. Scripture teaches that it is the responsibility of the people of God to support their Pastors and Church Leaders. We do not wish to turn this into welfare ministries.


Actual costs are only the shipping costs and the cost for materials. Shipping costs depend on the location of the center. After a student completes the course, the next student comes in using the same books as the student before him. They do not write in the texts.


No Cost Comparison

There is no way to place missionaries on the mission field to educate students to become Pastors, Professors, or Missionaries for this price. We use a location’s existing facilities and Bible-believing staff to continue to work with students in a discipleship context. We just add the College curriculum to what they’re already doing to take their discipleship to a whole new level at no cost to them.

How can I be involved?

Join Us!

1. Prayer; join us. There is no ministry success without someone praying.

2. We are sponsoring texts for students; join us.  We develop and publish materials, purchase materials, and prepare materials and ship them. This is our primary responsibility.

3. We have pictures available for display if you wish to show others our program. Join us!

4. If you are fluent in Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic and Latin, join us (in writing curriculum).

5. If you have missionaries in the poorest parts of the world with few resources, join us by having them contact us.

6. If you would like to work translating this program into Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, etc., join us. This is a missions project, and you may join and raise your support through White Stone Missions.

7. Donate Designated Materials in English, Spanish, Hindi, Nepali, etc. – We regularly need the following:

– The MacArthur Study Bible (hard cover is best, but soft is o.k.)

– Ungers Bible Dictionary

– Strongs Exhaustive Concordance (NASB or NKJV)

– Englishman’s Greek Concordance

– Englishman’s Hebrew Concordance

– . . . for a full list of possible materials contact our office.

If you are interested in donating your time, skills, or other resources for this project, please contact the White Stone Missions Secretary at

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