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Wycliffe Associates

White Stone Missions will assist Charnock Institute of the Bible, who has partnered with Wycliffe Associates, in the following . . .

  1. to provide men and women who are fluent in Biblical Languages to work as Biblical Language Consultants (Translation Checkers). Their involvement will be to Check Translations on the Mission field against the Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic texts. White Stone Missions will partner in providing financial support for these projects.
  2. to send men and women to the Mission Field to work with others on specific projects related to translation.
  3. to assist in developing or providing materials to the new Bible Software Program being developed. All materials are “open source” and we will provide them with access to our own materials.
  4. to assist in any training materials, including VIDEO, in Biblical Languages.


Come be a part of helping others see the Bible for the first time. What would life be if you had never seen a Bible? It is the same for them! Wycliffe Associates has been innovative in shaving several years off of the Translation time. Join us!