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Our Team

We are an organization made up of hard-working people who love God and want to see Him glorified. We have many volunteers who help prepare books or material support for shipping. There are more people than can be listed here who have been directly or indirectly involved in this ministry. We are very grateful for their labor of love to the God we serve.


One organization simply must be recognized. Curriculum is designed by Charnock Institute of the Bible. ( White Stone Missions takes these materials to the Mission field to plant Centers for Biblical Studies. Without this unique curriculum which was developed specifically for White Stone Missions, the Centers for Biblical Studies would not be possible.


We have people involved in all three of these aspects:

Bible Colleges – White Stone Missions plants Centers for Biblical Studies (Bible Colleges) on the Mission field.

Center For Biblical Studies – While the Bible College may function within the Center For Biblical Studies, a Biblical Studies Center may include anything from basic outreaches, working with children, or advanced studies.

Missionaries – White Stone Missions supports Missionaries on the Mission field. These are men and women who function in any needed capacity.

Orphanages – White Stone Missions supports Orphanages with goods and/or staff.

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