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Our Goal

White Stone Missions’ main goal is to provide Bible curriculum, materials, and support to men and women in remote locations around the world to equip them with a high quality, in-depth Biblical education, to produce their own Pastors, Missionaries, and Bible teachers. This will end the constant need for Missionaries and Monies.


These Centers for Biblical Studies are owned and operated at their own expense.  We provide only the initial needs. No constant sending of monies is required or desired.  Once materials arrive, the Director takes responsibility for the Learning Center. This includes registering, handing out materials, giving tests, recording grades, etc.  They own it! They operate it!


With God’s help we are providing an in-depth, self-contained, Biblically-based curriculum to equip people around the world, who would otherwise have no access to such materials, to train their own people to be Pastors, Missionaries, and Bible Teachers.


Each Center for Biblical Studies is administered by an indigenous ministry leader who serves as the Director of the center. In the first year at a Center for Biblical Studies, each student will complete a thorough reading and study of the entire Bible as well as learn how to effectively study individually using scholarly reference materials.


Each student is held accountable by the Center Director to follow the syllabus for each course, which includes extensive reading of the Bible and textbooks as well as the completion of detailed coursework and tests in a timely manner. They are also given the opportunity to put the knowledge they have gained to use. Each student is required to serve ten hours per week in an approved ministry for the Ministry and Service course.


All of the curriculum, textbooks, workbooks, and manuals for the classes are provided by White Stone Missions in association with Charnock Institute of the Bible ( free of charge to each center location. Once established, no more resources, money, or missionary assistance is required.

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