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Become A Missionary with Us

On this page you will find the Qualifications and Training Requirements for traveling to foreign countries and planting Biblical Studies Centers. This is a unique opportunity to assist others. Remember that your goal here is to establish these Biblical Learning Centers to be owned and operated by the people of that nation. You will assist them in establishing the Centers. Once established you will need to leave unless there is a specific request or need for you to stay.

Step 1 Initial Contact With White Stone Missions 

  • Read our Doctrinal Statement and make sure you agree with it.
  • Send us your Testimony of how you met Jesus Christ and a brief summary of your life since then.
  • Tell us your plans.
  • Inform us of any training, background, education, etc. you may have had that has any bearing on the ministry you are pursuing.

Step 2 Qualifications for Planting our Centers in Foreign Countries

  • A personal confession and witness to a relationship with Jesus Christ (as described in the Bible). This relationship must exist for at least 2 years before going to the Mission Field.
  • Submit a letter from your Pastor or appropriate Church Leader verifying that you have been in good standing with your Church.
  • You will need to have a heart for missions and working with foreign nationals on the Mission field.
  • You will need to obtain a Passport and be willing to travel abroad and participate in Missions as part of your training.
  • Missionaries regularly raise their own financial support and you will be expected to do the same. The best place to begin is at your own Home Church. Once accepted, we can provide you with a letter of recommendation for this support, to take care of your needs while in training and on the Mission Field.
  • You must be able to meet your own financial needs while in training: food, housing, and any needed training materials.
  • You must not be a poor reader. Your training will require you to read thousands of pages for each of the 3 to 4 Sections of training. (Some of this reading can be begun before you arrive.

Step 3 Training Description

  • You will need to plan on being at the White Stone Campus for some 40 weeks in the year, for each Section of Training. There will be 2 scheduled breaks.  There are 3 Sections with a possible 4th Section. To complete the training you will need to go to a foreign Mission Field and serve.
  • You may be with a local Missionary some 8 to 10 hours weekly and participate with him/her during your training. Some travel may be required.
  • You will be expected to attend the monthly White Stone Missions meeting. You are expected to quickly begin participating in the discussions, projects (often preparing materials for the mission field), contacting the Administrators or Pastors of Learning Centers which are already running in other countries to find out how they are doing and what their needs are. You have the option of visiting one of these Centers.
  • You will be expected to travel to Florida and participate in training sessions with Wycliffe Associates. There is no cost and you can stay on their campus. Training dates will be provided for you and you will need to schedule with them.
  • You will be expected to complete your training by being on a Mission Field.
  • While with White Stone Missions you will be expected: (a) to master the primary materials needed to operate a Biblical Studies Center on a Mission Field. These are the Hand-Books for operations and any other materials deemed necessary. (b) to read roughly 15 Missionary Biographies along with texts Introducing you to the entire History of Missions in Christianity.  You will need this background to prepare you for whatever arrises as you see what others have faced throughout the centuries.  You will meet weekly to discuss these texts and glean from those who have gone before. Plan on reading a book a week!
  • There are differing levels at the different Biblical Studies Centers on the field. Each Center is owned (we give the materials to them at no charge) and operated by the Church in their country and so they themselves will decide which level(s) they wish to participate in. Each Level requires approximately 40 weeks of training.  Level 1 is called THE KNOWING GOD PROGRAM. It is designed to prepare men and women to serve their local Churches in Leadership Roles. In Level 2 we work with them to train men for ministry and also to begin developing any Program which is needed in that particular location. For example, in Nigeria there is a need for proper hygiene to be taught, so a program would need to be developed for this specific need. Level 3 continues level 2. Level 4 is optional in that it may not require the supervision of the first levels.
  • Materials, when possible, are obtained or developed in the native language of the people you will be serving.  Remember that most of the world speaks English, Arabic and/or Mandarin Chinese!  If a Living Language is required, you will need to arrange to learn this native language in the country of that people group.

The Task: All materials are developed to be fully self-contained. Books, Answer Keys, CDs, DVDs, besides the Administrator’s Manual and other items. The Native Administrator will have all that he needs to function. He will not need to have worked through all of the materials himself to be able to use and administer them effectively. Remember he/she has the answer keys!

Your training will be to understand and grasp the Philosophy behind the program, the materials being used (though you do not need to master everything they will be using).

On a Mission Field needs and changes may arise at any time. You will need to be prepared to address these as they come. If all of this interests you, then please join us.



Wycliffe Associates (

We have partnered with Wycliffe Associates in the following.

  1. To provide Translation Checkers on the Mission Field, to assist Translators in checking their work. There is a one week training session required before participating. This training takes place on their campus in Florida (housing is provided). Several training sessions are scheduled each year and you will need to make arrangements to attend.
  2. We have sent several persons to Florida to assist in the completion of their Translators Handbook.
  3. Wycliffe Associates has begun a new Bible Software Program. They have invited us to be in on this program as they develop the program for the Mission Field. We have offered to provide OPEN SOURCE (unlocked) materials specifically for Biblical Languages and also develop Hebrew and Greek Short Courses for the Program.
  4. We send Missionaries to the Mission Field to aid in Translation work and Publishing these new translations.

Charnock Institute of the Bible (

  1. White Stone Missions utilizes Charnock Institute of the Bible for any needed Course Development. CIB develops these programs at no cost to White Stone Missions.