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About Us

White Stone Missions participates in the following . . .

1. Planting Biblical Studies Centers and Bible Colleges in Remote Locations around the world.

2. Creating a Free and Complete Bible Curriculum Online.

3. Training, Supporting, and Sending Missionaries to Administrate the setup of Learning Centers.

4. Supporting Orphanages in goods and staff.

5. Providing Translator Consultants to Wycliffe Associates (we work with Charnock Institute of the Bible for this).

1. Planting Learning Centers (Biblical Studies Centers) and Bible Colleges in Remote Locations

White Stone Missions is a Learning Center (Biblical Studies Center) and Bible College planting ministry that partners with Charnock Institute of the Bible ( and our Christian brothers and sisters in impoverished countries in order to help them produce their own Leaders, Missionaries, Theologians and Bible teachers. We do this by providing a quality, Bible-based curriculum to established leaders, who agree to own and operate these centers (we do not own them!). The students’ education spiritually benefits their families, friends, and neighbors, as they see more of Christ and use that knowledge to share Christ with others. These Learning Centers are fully functional to accommodate any need of the area; as well as Bible Colleges; each with its own Director who administers all materials. We provide the materials free of charge and they provide the staff and facility.

Biblical Studies Center – This may be a Center in any location providing the local needs of the community as needed. These Centers may include any form of Biblical Outreach and/or Aid.

Bible College – This is for the training of Men and Women for leadership and includes the training of men to be Pastors. The Program and Materials are uniquely our own. We write, publish, and prepare materials for the Mission Field. All materials are provided free of charge.

2. Creating a Free and Complete Bible College Curriculum Online (

White Stone Missions in cooperation with Charnock Institute of the Bible is working on a free Virtual Campus which will offer a complete quality Bible College education to anyone in the world with Internet access.  This will include studies in Biblical Languages; reading all the Early Church Writings up to a.d. 325; and much more. It will mirror the curriculum used at Charnock Institute of the Bible.

3. Training, Supporting, and Sending Missionaries

Missionaries have been going forth since the time of the Apostles. The Great Commission is still in effect until Jesus returns. We realize that many countries no longer need traditional missionaries, but some countries still do. The steps for Missions are simply to… 1) Send forth the gospel, and 2) Train or disciple those who respond to the gospel. Our vision is simply that churches are planted first and are followed by the planting of Learning Centers and Bible Colleges. At White Stone Missions the writing of course materials is accomplished through Charnock Institute of the Bible (

Planters – We train men and women to establish our unique programs on the mission field. Planting Biblical Study Centers, Bible Colleges, etc.

Wycliffe Associates- We send men and women to work with Wycliffe Associates as Translator Checkers, aid in writing the Translator’s Handbook, etc.

Orphanages – We send people to work in orphanages show term or long term.

4. Supporting Orphanages

A truly homeless child with no parents or family who will take them in– this is the true orphan.  Not all orphanages are true-orphanages!  As God allows, we support orphanages that have a genuine gospel focus by giving material support and sending Missionaries to help.

5. Translator Consultants

Working with Charnock Institute, who has partnered with Wycliffe Associates (and we by extension), we provide men and women to aid translators on the Mission Field. They assist in checking the work of translators directly with the Biblical Languages.

6. Materials Support

We provide texts to other ministries in foreign countries at no cost. We provide these for Resource Rooms, Bible Colleges, and provide other materials to Orphanages as needs arrises (bottles, hand creams, Christmas gifts, etc.).


Our desire is to meet the needs of a missions outreach at what ever level the need is. Church Plant, Bible Translation, Initial Instruction or Advanced Teaching. If we can serve you or you wish to serve with us please contact, or visit us.



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