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Nigeria Testimonial

The following is a letter from a professor at an American Christian college who visited the Nigerian Center for Biblical Studies:
July 19, 2012
I visited the center when I travelled there some months ago and met some of the students.  The center has helped tremendously in teaching the Bible to those who are very enthusiastic about spreading the Gospel and, in my opinion, is more effective than sending missionaries over there. The people learn from each other and teach one another. I will be happy to travel with any member of your mission who is willing to travel to the area.
I am trying to find Bible translators so the Bible could be translated into the local language. We have recently finished establishing an orthography for the Annang langauge so the next step is finding partners in translating the Bible. I will try to speak with someone while Im there who can help with some of the funding.
-Dr. Ette

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